ACTION STATIONS - Proposed TRO - Cherpit Lane Derbyshire

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ACTION STATIONS - Proposed TRO - Cherpit Lane Derbyshire

Postby stevent » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:40 pm

Just had an email about a proposed TRO - *please* send in an objection by 18 October - click this link to objection, further details below.

We all need to urgently object to the proposed TRO on Leys (Cherpit) Lane. We have until the 18th October to register your objection.

This lane was shown on the BBC when the rambLiars where trying to make us look bad on TV, if they lose this TRO battle it will be a real kick in the nuts for them! Get the objections in asap, only take a min, costs nothing and can be done online. ... llTo=28698

Sep 15, 2013 at 8:44pm QuotePost Options Post by dom1 on Sep 15, 2013 at 8:44pm
Hi Guys,

We all need to urgently object to the proposed TRO on Leys (Cherpit) Lane. We have until the 18th October to register your objection.

A public consultation is underway on a proposal to make a traffic regulation order to permanently prohibit motor vehicles from Leys Lane. This route runs from Great Longstone to meet Chertpit Lane.

The consultation runs until 5pm on 18 October 2013. Please use the weblink [url][/url] to view details of the proposal and to submit your views. Alternatively please call in to our offices or send your comments in writing to Rights of Way at Aldern House, Bakewell DE45 1AE.

This lane featured in the BBC documentry.

There are one or two processto be noted:

a) Ensure you include as part of your representation your full name and either your postal address or your email address. The authority ask this, and will probably invalidate any anonymous submissions.

b) State whether you are representing your personal views or the views of an organisation.

Our recommendation is that you present your personal views.

You must CLEARLY state that you are OBJECTING to the proposal. If using email make this an individual statement.

If using the online form it is imperative that the "OBJECTION" Box is ticked.

If your comments are not clearly marked Objection they will be classed as General Comments, and effectively ignored!

It is NOT enough to write a single sentence 'I object'. You must say why you object, and the following comments will help, if you have no words and phrases of your own springing immediately to mind.

The Peak District National Park is seeking a permanent TRO on Leys (Cherpit Lane)and inviting objections. We need to muster as many objections as possible. On previous consultations for the Roych and Long Causeway we managed over 4000 objections.

We are aiming to have over 6000 objections for Leys (Chrpit Lane)

Please circulate and forward this to as many clubs, forums and users as possible all across the UK, with a request to ensure objections are submitted either :

Through the link above or by post. The deadline is: 18th October 5pm 2013[/b.

The objections do not need to be long or technical but your objection will carry more weight if you give good reasons.

Asking questions of the National Park in your objection is a good tactic to increase their workload. To help, there are several points below, which you may wish to incorporate into any objection:

The Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) is acting in a discriminatory fashion by singling out recreational vehicle users in this way.

The PDNPA is openly prejudiced and biased against vehicle users, with Members of the Authority taking public positions and being members of pressure groups opposed to recreational drivers and riders.

The Authority claims to be concerned about damage to the lane and other users being forced from the route by vehicles or the `expectation' of meeting vehicles and so creating parallel tracks. However, they are not concerned when walkers, cyclists and horse riders damage bridleways and create parallel tracks on other routes. In this way the PDNPA operates double standards.

The PDNPA is utterly unconcerned that they are removing a legal right to use Leys (Chapel Gate)for a small minority of users. The Authority is happy to suggest that vehicle users can use the surfaced road network as an alternative but refuses to suggest that walkers, cyclists and horse riders could use alternative footpaths and bridleways to avoid the Leys (Chapel Gate) BOAT.

PLEASE object however briefly, and please ensure that you submit the objection BEFORE . 18 October 2013. Your effort will count.

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Re: ACTION STATIONS - Proposed TRO - Cherpit Lane Derbyshire

Postby Dominic » Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:31 pm


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Re: ACTION STATIONS - Proposed TRO - Cherpit Lane Derbyshire

Postby langley beta » Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:00 pm

Objection sent

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Re: ACTION STATIONS - Proposed TRO - Cherpit Lane Derbyshire

Postby burls » Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:41 am

The problem with the PCNPA (the Peaks Authority) is that they appear to have a parallel agenda - its not just about the odd TRO. In addition to objecting to this TRO, there is the opportunity to sign an epetition that seeks to abolish the PDNPA. A long shot but .............

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