Tiger 800 XCA

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Tiger 800 XCA

Postby Joeshoey » Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:37 pm

Joined recently after reading this https://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/n ... e-off-road
and having done the Triumph off road Experience in the summer. I ride all year round on my R1 and Tiger 800 (which I’ve had for two months), do the odd track day and yearly pilgrimage to Europe for a MotoGP or two and like experiencing different things on motorcycles. I’ve done two week holidays in the Himalayas (Enfield Bullet) and Cambodia (Honda off road 400 something or other) and enjoyed the challenge that loose surfaces present. So I’ve signed up to Surrey TRF to hopefully get a bit muddy closer to home. That said, realistically, i’ll be spending 90% on road so my tyres reflect that and will limit me, especially in the winter. My own research has identified some BOATs near me way out east of the county and today I braved the totally tarmacced Spring Lane in Oxted! I had a look at some others (Titsey and Clacket Lane) but will wait till a) I’m not on my own and b) they dry out a bit before attempting them.
Looking if for some newbie big bike trips in the meantime, so see you in the new year.
Triumph Tiger 800 XCA

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Re: Tiger 800 XCA

Postby Stewie » Sat Dec 29, 2018 7:40 am

Hello and Welcome, you're right in what you say about the tyres, especially in the wet :lol: I took a guy out on a GS with PR1s fitted, it was the middle of summer, so very dry, but there aren't many lanes you can't do on a bigger adventure type bike.
Off the beaten track!.

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