Qty 3 Almost new Maxx- Maxxis IT Pro Tyres - Fits Honda CRF 250L trail motor bike and others

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Qty 3 Almost new Maxx- Maxxis IT Pro Tyres - Fits Honda CRF 250L trail motor bike and others

Postby ncwelsh » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:45 am

Please see ebay listing which includes photos :-


Maxxis IT Pro - Fits Honda CRF 250L trail bike and others. Better Grip for trail riding. 2 x Front tyres (see descriptions below) and 1 x back tyre.

The following 2 tyres are road legal and carry the "E" mark required for road use.

In my view these are the best road legal tyres you can can get for trail riding. They shed mud really well unlinke the Honda Stock tyres
that ship with the trail bikes. I purchased them after a slippery trail ride with the stock tyres, under advice from some experienced riders. My stock tyres started fine , then as it got muddy and they started not shed the mud from the tyres and before slow was slipping about all over.

I used these Maxxis for 3 (front) /4 (back) rides (so about 6/8 hours use) they were great for both dry and wet rides.

Sold my Honda (put stock tyres back on as went back to dealer) and purchased a lighter weight KTM that came with equally good trail tyres.

Maxxis IT Pro

80/100 - 21 51M Front Wheel

110/100 - 18 back wheel

Maxxis IT Desert

80/100 - 21 51M Front Wheel

This tyre has been used once for 2 hours trail riding. It does not carry the Europe E road legal marking. Once I realised this, I purchased
a 2nd front tyre that did have the E mark (which is described above). Some people may not be as concerned as I was about trail riding without the Road legal
E mark. It can be used legally offroad.

I no longer ride so am selling (please see my other items, Motolug trailer, paddock stand and used once helmet)

Collection is person only (item too big to post and wrap easily)

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