Opportunity: Michellin tyres @ the Dirtbike Show

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Opportunity: Michellin tyres @ the Dirtbike Show

Postby stevent » Sun Oct 22, 2017 7:12 pm

2 places available on Sunday (if they haven't gone already) - if anyone is interested in taking up this offer please get in touch with me by text - 07796 172397 sending an email addresss

Sent: 19 October 2017 12:41
To: directors@trf.org.uk
Subject: Dirt Bike Show


We have a bit of an unusual offer for you that could be of interest as a nice little perk, but also as a good source of social media and PR posts for both of us. Apologies if this has dropped into the wrong mailbox, I don’t have Mario’s email address to hand, so if this could be forwarded to him I’d much appreciate it.

Michelin are showing at the DBS at Stoneleigh next week, and as part of the UK launch of our new Enduro tyres we are giving dealers and some influencers the opportunity to ride on the tyres on a purpose built enduro loop in the show grounds. Ady Smith is providing the ride experience on his fleet of 2018 KTM bikes. While the tyres are not trail tyres but enduro tyres they are road legal and many TRF members use enduro tyres for green laning, and of course many members are active off road riders not just green laners, myself included. (High Peak and Potteries TRF).

In return for half a day riding round a purpose built enduro track on the latest Michelin Enduro tyres on the 2018 KTM bikes under the guidance and instruction of Ady Smith with entrance to the main Dirt Bike Show in the afternoon, all we would ask is that the riders are over 18 and can ride a geared off road bike with a clutch, and will post about their experience on social media, Trail magazine or similar. There’s no such thing as a free lunch! (Lunch will be provided though).

The riders will get to sample an off road motorcycle tyre launch, the TRF and Michelin will get some social and other media activity, and everyone will have a jolly good time I’m sure.

We have 2 places available on the Saturday 28th and 2 on the Sunday 29th October, who you select and how is entirely up to you, directors, hard working members, random competition winners, volunteer staff at the show, whatever works for you as long as they can meet the criteria above, and we have confirmation of all rider details by 5PM on Monday 23rd.

Are you interested?

Best regards,
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