Advice please - Tubliss

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Advice please - Tubliss

Postby Caesi01 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:37 am

Having recently acquired a weekend toy in the form of a Yamaha WR250 (2005) I now need advise regarding the Tubliss the rear tyre came with.

A) what type of pressure does the Tubliss be set to (considering I have about a 20mile round trip to some lanes) ?
B) how about the pressure on the outer tyre
C) how does one end up with a puncture with a tubliss i.e. what are the possible scenarios (puncture tyre? puncture tubliss ?)

Essentially, I don't want to be unprepared when going out riding and end up with a puncture (and a burden on the rest of the group).
Haven't had a chance yet to take my toy out to play but hope this will change soon.,

thanks for any suggestions

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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby Dominic » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:55 am

Run the inner tube at 100 to 110psi, and the tyre pressure dependant on the terrain... i.e. for road riding make it higher (12/13psi) and muddy lanes make it lower (~6psi or less). The more grip you need... the lower you run the psi. Some people have stated that tyre side walls were never designed to take the stress of riding with very low pressures... do some research on this area. If you are doing extended miles on the road you may want to go higher than 12/13psi.

Punctures of the tyre can be fixed with those plug kits unless its a really big hole or a tear. You might be able to get away with slime or one of the other products that you squirt into the tube valve, again only if it is a small hole. If the inner tube punctures (its never happened to me in 3 years of tubliss use) then you need to take the tyre off and replace the inner tube. The makers of tubliss recommend changing the high-pressure tube every year or so dependant on use.... I have not.

In my experience, if mounted correctly and checked often (the inner tube will lose psi over time, a few psi a week) Tubliss is a good system. Not fool proof like mousses though.
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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby Billy » Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:15 am

Bin the Tublis and buy some mousses .

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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby Mouseman » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:47 pm

Billy wrote:Bin the Tublis and buy some mousses .

Plus 1 for mousses.
Fit and forget.

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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby smokinrider » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:45 pm

Plus one for mousses,
Have tubliss for the trials wheel but still sceptical.

This weekend a mate with tubliss was with me. Last lane of the day he got a puncture. The can of Tyre weld he had just oozed out. We limped it back 5 mile on the road.
Back at mine we plugged it with ease and it's all still good.

But if this had happened on the middle of the ride (as he didn't have plugs) it would have been day over,(for him!).

Ps always make sure the inners at 100+psi every ride. And bear in mind checking it can lose it 5-10psi

So plugs and a method of inflation is the bare minimum needed.

He ran 12 psi all day in a comp 6. No issues. He did say riding it flat on the road was doable but sketchy. I'd question the durability/life of the side wall if you had to do this all day.

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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby Caesi01 » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:40 am

thanks for all the replies.
considering that in 4 weeks of ownership I still haven't found the time to take it for a ride, lowest maintenance is my priority.
Will ensure to keep plugs with me.

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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby Luke B » Sat Jan 13, 2018 9:46 pm

Air in your tyres will unfortunatley come out when you have a puncture.
This will be a slight inconveince for you but the people you are riding with will most likely have mousses and will be considering which large blunt implement to use whilst they wait in the cold and rain for you to make air stay in your tyre .

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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby stevent » Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:00 pm

Plus one for mooses. No lugging levers and tubes, no interruption to your ride fixing punctures.

If you have to run tubes, get Michelin Extra Heavy Duty. I don’t think I ever got a puncture using those.

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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby burls » Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:35 pm

I've never run Tubliss but the idea of spending shed loads on something that can still puncture is an anathema to me. Mousses, or as Steven suggests, the ultra heavy duty (or whatever they're called) michelin tubes to save cash. 4mm thick and a bitch to fit as a result but never had a puncture myself with them. I now run mousses for massive piece of mind.

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Re: Advice please - Tubliss

Postby boredus » Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:15 pm

I love these Tubliss vs Mousses threads :lol:

I currently have Tubliss fitted but have run both in the last 5 years.

Been running tubliss for 3 years, fitted on 2 different bikes. Your first set costs the same as a new set of BIBs..... the main thing is 400 hours later, if you know how to change your tyres your tubliss might need a new inner bladder at that point. It is very, very difficult to puncture a tubliss riding the bike unless you manage to drive a 3-4 inch long nail right through the hard inner tyre. You are more likely to pinch the bladder changing tyres.

Depending on your riding, that could well be 4 sets of mousses while I am still sat on the same set of tubliss. There is a knack to fitting them and it has cost me 2 X front bladders so far. But they have redeemed themselves with the amount of hours on them now.

Until the most recent tyre that came fitted to my beta xt 300 I had never had a puncture or tear on the front or rear, I put tyre sealant in them and generally that sorts them out.No issues at the Vince in 2017 or in Wales several times a year for the last 3 years. The bike is used round the Surrey lanes most weeks.
Tyre choice for this is key, something with a stiff side wall is important. With the last Golden tyre I had 4 punctures, all were fixed within minutes as I have a plug kit in my back pack with a small pump, the tyre wall on those GTs is so thin. I ride with 4-6 PSI in the rear at all times and depending on the front tyre, probably 8-10 psi as running to low on the front has got me a couple of dents in the rim -- I will note here that even with dented front wheel, the tubliss is still sealing just fine.

Mousses... I have ridden a lot on mousses and yes the peace of mind is good, but the squigley front wheel on tarmac and all round dead feel of mouses just isnt for me. My last set also took on water like a sponge in Wales crossing rivers etc so just got heavier as the day went on.
I have just recently bought a spare set of wheels for my XT300 so that I can run a mousse in the rear using the Golden Tyre that comes standard on an XT. The reason for that is the tyre isnt a bad one at all and it is FIM approved so I can use it at ACU events etc. It also means, no punctures at events.
So for events I will chuck that wheel on, then take it off after and put the tubliss back on.
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