Mondo Sahara --- now available

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Mondo Sahara --- now available

Postby stevent » Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:55 am

Guys and gals

Austin Vince's film Mondo Sahara is now available, you can get it on Amazon: ... ndo+sahara

Austin Vince is back with a thrilling new expedition and film - Mondo Sahara! - The first movie from DirtPunk. The aim was, starting in London, to ride off-road, across Spain, Morocco and Western Sahara. With this behind us, we would meet up with Richard Kemplay of Beast of Burden. Whilst we were riding out, he would have been burying food, fuel and water across the deserts of Mauritania. Once we rendezvoused at the Mauritanian border post he would hand us a GPS plot of the supply dumps and off we'd lunge into the Empty Quarter of the Sahara. Englishmen and Americans, following a GPS speck across the wilderness for 1200 miles. Each night locating and digging up the supplies for the next day. Nobody had done anything like this before. It was only going to be four weeks but would still be a class-A adventure!

More about Austin including his Pyrenees adventure which a few of us are going to - available here:

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Re: Mondo Sahara --- now available

Postby farnham flyer » Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:06 pm

I got it for Christmas and watched it at the weekend.

It's quite good but sadly, i've you're expecting it to be like Mondo Enduro, it isn't.
As they spend the whole time in the desert, they don't meet any crazy and interesting people, which is what travelling is all about.

Oh yes, two of the crew are Yanks, which really spoils it too.

Despite the above I'm still glad i have it in my collection.


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