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Postby Stewie » Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:11 pm

Just thought I would share a few pic's, out and about today to test the bike after fueling issues ( still not right, bit better but not quite there ) but need to get it sorted for a Shropshire meet this weekend.
Was good to have some like mined loons along as well ;) including Andy on his KLE500 8-)
Jeff XT600, Pete DR350, Toby KTM640e, Andy KLE500 and me on the KLR650.
Bit of drizzle at the start.
The sun soon came out 8-)
We did a lot of the back roads around the Surrey downs, so of which were just as muddy and pot holed as some of the Byways, after lunch we headed onto the lanes to do some muddy stuff :D
Lots of water out there at the moment, the small crossing at Pisley lane is the highest I've seen it in years and even some of the '' Puddles'' :shock: along Wolverns Lane were up to the tank, all made for a great afternoon :D
Stopping for a break and comparing the KLR with the KLE 8-)
Quite a few groups out on the lanes, with lots of walkers an horse riders all i'm glad to say were very polite and good humored 8-)

I'm going to sort a trip to go down to Salisbury Plains for a 2 days, mainly aimed at the bigger duel purpose bikes, I'll post up closer to the time but probably be staying at the http://www.threemagpies.co.uk/home again :D
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Postby andrewblair » Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:17 pm

Hey stewie, so I've traded my wr125r for a husky te450- quite like the idea of doing trips and join in on these rides!

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