Police action Day/Operation Dragnet

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Re: Police action Day/Operation Dragnet

Postby stevent » Sun May 19, 2019 9:42 pm

Gary and I were on the Honeysuckle “out post”, alternating with Dangerous and John, it all went smoothly though not many around.

That said we got at least one new member signed up and some other potentials.

We rode about with the PCSOs in charge of the bikes, one is ex-enduro and was pretty quick, and both were chipper, I guess anyone would be, being paid to ride...

Apparently the bikes are used most often to search for missing people especially if they cannot deploy their drone, and they’re there ready to go 24hr a day whenever needed.



And we also bumped into the misfits on their “e-bikes”!


Thanks to Brian for establishing the relationship with the force, Murray and John for liaising and everyone who turned up today.

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