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How to join TRF or renew your membership

Postby stevent » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:10 pm

I've just received this from Sharon, the National TRF membership secretary.

With the upgrade of the membership system completed, the “front end” of the system for renewing and new members is simpler and user friendly.

New members should copy the following link into their browser and complete the on line form. Payment can be made via card or Direct Debit – (single fee/joint fee – for joint member, the members must reside at the same address).

For renewing members, please find below the guidelines for existing or lapsed members to be able to renew online in case you receive any queries[code][/code]. Please note that members must use the email we have registered on the database for them. I hope this information is useful to you but do always refer any questions or issues to me if you need to.

1/ Step 1 is to get a reset link emailed to you.
To get a reset link emailed to you go here: ... stpassword
Now enter your email address and click the "Get new password" button.
You should see a message "Check your email for the confirmation link"

2/ Step 2 check your email, the subject will be "Password Reset". In that email is a link, click on it.
You can enter your own password if you want then click "Set Password" button.

3/ You should now see a screen that says: Your password has been reset. Log in
Click the Log in link. Enter your email and the password you just set and click the Login button.

You should now be logged in and can update any details, renew your membership or post to the page.

If you have problem renewing you can contact Sharon direct - her email is
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Re: How to join TRF or renew your membership

Postby kentWR » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:14 pm

Whats going on with the national forum it seems to be in lockdown?

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Re: How to join TRF or renew your membership

Postby GDAS » Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:17 am

kentWR wrote:Whats going on with the national forum it seems to be in lockdown?

do you mean the 'old' forum?

from ... &t=24278&-

On the 18th December 2017 this Forum was archived and the TRF launched
Trail, the home of Trail Riding in the UK. This new digital tool contains a
new forum where TRF members can chat and share information, as well as a
host of helpful features. To get involved in the conversation please visit:

from an email sent to members in December 2017 -

The old TRF Forum is now closed.
The old forum is still live and you can access it for old content, however you won't be able to post or leave comments there any more. Trail is the new tool for staying connected with the TRF.

The new Trail website is evolving...
We have built Trail to help connect members and make sure that important TRF information is made available to as many trail riders as possible. It's a bit different to what you might be expecting so dive in and give it a chance to find it's feet. We will be keeping an eye on what works well and what needs some refinement. Over the next year we expect to roll out more features that help the TRF Conserve Green Roads.


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